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Charisma University’s School of Law program is a challenging and intellectually stimulating way of preparing students to be an effective members of the legal profession, whether as a practicing attorney, member of the judiciary, legal professional in public service, business, or education. 

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The bachelor's degree in law is intended for those students who want to pursue a career as an assistant lawyer or lawyer. This program will provide students with the skills and training to become effective legal assistants or legal assistants in civil or criminal bureaus or government agencies. They train to analyze court decisions and draw up analytical notes on court cases at all levels of the judicial system and prepare legal documents and conduct interviews with clients under the supervision of a lawyer.

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This legal studies program is created to provide students with a thorough understanding of the legal environment in which persons, firms, and the judiciary operate. This major is ideal for professionals such as managers, teachers, government employees, and legal assistants who need supplemental legal knowledge to function more effectively. Although this program does not prepare students for law practice, it broadens students’ academic and professional development through the provision of a solid foundation in legal doctrine and concepts.

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