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Our business programs are designed to establish an academic environment in which you, the learner, are empowered to develop creative solutions to important human, professional and societal problems.

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Academic Degree Programs


A Bachelor in School of Business is a credential designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals and an understanding of their application in real-world work environments.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, a Bachelor's degree is designed to help you prepare for real-world business administration roles and how to reach smart business conclusions through empirical analysis, such as planning how an organization operates day-to-day to adjusting strategies in the face of ongoing changes and challenges.

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The orientation of the program depends very much on the chosen specialization. Students may ultimately choose to specialize in any of the areas listed below or in areas of particular relevance to them and their future careers. A typical course plan includes both structured coursework and independent research, with a strong emphasis on student initiative.

Students from recognized universities and colleges who have completed the relevant approved postgraduate programs passed the required exams and completed all other prescribed conditions can get a master's degree in a business school.

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It is a practical combination of strong academic knowledge combined with advanced business strategies and solutions. Doctorate degree in Business is ideal for people at a high corporate level who want to gain an extensive academic and industry exposure. Students will actively participate in research, socio-economic ideas and business interests. Some may find it very suitable for giving their career an academic direction, developing skills in applied research, consulting and lecturing in the field of business administration

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